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AECOM (NYSE: ACM) connects expertise across services, markets and geographies to deliver transformative outcomes. Worldwide, we design, build, finance, operate and manage projects and programs that unlock opportunities, protect the environment and improve people’s lives. With approximately 90,000 employees around the world AECOM is a leader in all key markets it serves.  AECOM Canada Ltd. provides services under: Buildings & Places, including Landscape Architecture and Planning, and Building Engineering;  Water and Wastewater; Transportation; Environment; Power & Energy, and PM/CM Business Lines.  Together with AECOM Consultants Inc. and  AECOM Canada Nuclear Operations, with a collective history going back over 100 years, we have 8,000 employees with a wide variety of technical and non-technical specialties – engineers, architects, landscape architects, planners, economists, environmental specialists as well as administrative and support staff.  Our Landscape Architectural group across Canada includes approximately 12 Landscape Architects,  2 of whom are MALA Members. Services Planning and Public Consultation First Nation Community Plans Community Sustainability Plans Development Plans Secondary Plans and Zoning Bylaws Subdivision Plans and Approvals GIS Analysis Land Use and Energy Conservation Studies Stakeholder and Public Engagement/Consultation Landscape Architecture and Urban Design Parks Canada Agency and Provincial Parks Projects Parks and Recreation Master Planning and Design Site Planning and ...

Architecture49 Inc.

Architecture49 boasts a history spanning over half a century of profoundly significant contributions to cities and communities across Canada and beyond. Our people share a depth of experience in designing complex, high-profile projects around the globe. Together, we create inspiring spaces that elevate the health, social vitality and sustainability of our communities. We believe that our communities are enriched by a broader, more enlivened collaboration between clients, builders, architects, engineers, interior designers, landscape architects and urban planners. We believe in the strength of a multi-disciplinary view and in the ability to shape urban infrastructure to Canadian principals of honesty, diversity, practicality and regionalism. From coast to coast, we navigate a broad spectrum of urban and rural contexts. Some cities enjoy a wealth of heritage properties, and benefit from a mindful approach to blending contemporary glass with two-hundred-year-old stonework. Other regions experience extreme weather that requires local expertise to craft gathering places which are built to withstand those conditions with longevity and relevance. Architecture49 responds to the unique character of the various regions, while maintaining a consistent vision of collaboration, quality, and creative design.

Cohlmeyer Architecture

Cohlmeyer Architecture is a full-service design firm providing architecture, landscape architecture, master planning, urban design, historic restoration, space planning and functional programming to a variety of international clients. At Cohlmeyer Architecture, landscape architect Cynthia Cohlmeyer delivers extensive horticultural knowledge and strong technical skills. Specializing in indigenous plants, she has designed eloquent environments that complement adjacent architecture, increase accessibility to nature, and promote sustainability. Her ingenuity and expertise have been integral to the success of Cohlmeyer Architecture’s projects across Canada and in the United States, South America, and Africa. Cohlmeyer Architecture has longstanding collaborative partnerships with associated professionals in planning, policy development and public consultation. These partnerships contribute to the firm’s mastery of new technology and to its ability to serve a variety of clients in a variety of circumstances.  

David Wagner Associates Inc.

David Wagner Associates is landscape architectural firm offering comprehensive analysis, design, document preparation and contract administrative services. DWA was founded in 1979 and has extensive experience with Federal, Provincial, Civic and Private Sector clients. We feel equally comfortable practicing in urban or natural rural environments, worldwide! Our corporate goal is to deliver Award Level Projects for Quality Clients, on Time & on Budget. Services DWA continually pursue the goal of supplying our Clients with a responsible design and planning service that provides the best possible solution to their project. The ‘best possible solution’ incorporates the factors of cost, time, and durability within a functional, environmental and aesthetic framework. On all our projects we work closely with the Client, involving them in the design and decision making process. We have found that this approach has consistently produced final products that meet the expectations of all who participate. We offer expertise in Landscape Architecture Recreational Planning & Design Streetscape and Urban Design Land Use and Regional Planning Cemetery Planning and Design Subdivision and Site Planning Interpretive Media Golf Course Architecture Computer Imaging & Residential Gardens Awards CSLA Citation Award: “Corydon Hugo Piazza” (1996-01-01) 1st Place, CSLA Congress Design Competition Chatette: “Digital Rip-Rap” ...

Dean Spearman Landscape Architect

A thoughtful and considered design is the only way a project can begin to meet your needs and expectations. With a strong background in design and construction I specialize in developing designs that work for you! Because I work as a sole practitioner every client gets the full benefit of my extensive practical experience. If you hire me, You get me! My Practice is distinguished by: open & direct communication. My clients deal directly with me; a clear understanding of site issues and opportunities; extensive knowledge of construction techniques and strategies; use of computer techniques to ensure that you understand your design; superior knowledge of local conditions and plant material.

ft3 Architecture Landscape Interior Design

Established in 1975 and headquartered in Winnipeg, we’re proud of our reputation for excellence rooted in three key principles: create innovative design solutions driven by our clients’ needs, vision, budget and schedule; seek client input at each and every stage of the process, ensuring that when the work is completed the project remains an enduring source of pride for its users, owners and community; and ensure that sustainable design solutions provide the affordability, flexibility and durability that our clients require.   The Landscape Architecture department at ft3 was founded in 2006. The department is now comprised of a collective of Landscape Architects who’s evolving body of work is centered on the creation of exterior spaces that enable people to make a connection with their environment, whether in an urban or natural setting. The multi-disciplinary design setting from which staff work, has influenced our approach with a sensibility to the built environment that bridges expert knowledge and is inherently collaborative at all stages of design. The landscape team’s work reflects a range of project types from the inspirational and organic topography of the Carol Shields Memorial Labyrinth to the traditional and outdoor hardscapes created for the Canadian Mennonite University Marpeck Commons. ...

HTFC Planning & Design

HTFC Planning & Design is an award-winning landscape architecture and planning collaborative, founded in 1969. Located in the heart of Winnipeg’s historic Exchange District, the firm is known for thoughtful, timeless and sustainable work in the landscapes of the North American Prairie, Northwestern Ontario Boreal Forest and Tundra regions. Looking beyond these regions, HTFC also collaborates with other professionals on projects across Canada, the U.S., South America and Africa. At HTFC, 50 years of experience have created an office culture that believes the path to success lies in truly listening to our clients and addressing issues with a unique blend of art and science. A commitment to: Listen and learn conduct thorough research, analysis and consultation, advancing the right solution even when consensus is difficult to achieve Uncover the culture of the place identify and understand the intricate connections between the physical context and the diverse people who inhabit each place Connect to people and build consensus proactively and openly involve the community, collaborate with stakeholders, and celebrate diversity Empower the client with effective solutions create designs that are responsive, flexible and lasting Gain from new experiences monitor, evaluate, and improve craftsmanship and quality with every new project …exists at ...

Kindret Landscape Group

Kindret Landscaping is an award winning integrated landscape construction firm specializing in the design/build/maintain aspect of commercial and residential landscaping in and around Winnipeg, MB. Kindret Landscaping is one of the few landscaping companies in Manitoba that are officially “Landscape Industry Certified” through the Canadian Nurseries & Landscape Association. As Certified Landscape Professionals we focus on our customers’ green space needs with our expertise and strive for excellence using our educational backgrounds. We provide numerous project delivery methods including project consulting, design-build, tender preparation, landscape management as well as landscape maintenance. We have also achieved our Certificate of Recognition (COR) through the Construction Safety Association of Manitoba demonstrating that our firm can execute projects precisely, efficiently and safely. This focused mentality, along with our new fleet of new equipment leads to cost savings for our clients and contributes value to the overall project. Our talented design team of professionals can provide creative designs, manage beautiful installations and can also assist with the execution of landscape designs by landscape architects.

Landmark Planning & Design

Landmark Planning & Design is a multi-disciplinary firm providing services in land use planning, urban design and land development, landscape design, public consultation, strategic planning, option evaluation, and project management. Based in Winnipeg, Landmark staff have extensive experience with public and private sector clients throughout Manitoba, Western Canada, and Northwest Ontario. Our team has worked on a wide range of projects that explore the complex relationships between land use, design, and sustainability. Our reputation has been built on a thorough understanding of change management, land development, strategic processes, complex stakeholder engagement, and policy implementation.

Little Bluestem Landscape Architecture

Little Bluestem Landscape Architecture (LBLA) is an award-winning, Winnipeg-based design firm specializing in recreational planning, outdoor learning environments, place connection, and community development projects. Established in 2014, LBLA has demonstrated sustainable growth over the past seven years, designing to enhance outdoor experiences for a diverse range of clients. LBLA’s team is constantly pursuing opportunities to express a passion for well-designed spaces, with a particular appreciation for collaborative work. LBLA’s landscape enrichment program, landED, was the 2021 recipient of the Spirit of Winnipeg award, presented by the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce. This award celebrated landED’s ability to offer programming that responds to the challenges of learning outdoors, both at school and remotely. landED’s land-based design and environmental learning initiatives are available through a variety of guided resources, tools, and workshops. Working to complement the designs developed by LBLA’s team, landED programming activates outdoor space; helping communities and educators engage with and enhance their outdoor spaces. To access all downloadable landED resources, visit: LBLA is proud to offer the full range of design work, including community consultation, planning, and the project management services required to bring a project to fruition. This work includes extensive planning, coordination, and construction of all-season recreational ...

Lombard North Group

About Us Lombard North Group prides itself on innovative approaches to problem solving. We understand the importance of creating solutions and challenging ourselves, our clients, and stakeholders to articulate the community’s vision and to explore the application and effectiveness of planning and design programs to meet the community’s goals. We promote a highly interactive and collaborative approach, where ideas, opportunities, and alternate solutions are explored within the full inter-play of public, private, and client interests. We strive to create spaces and environments that inspire communities. Services Lombard North Group (1984) Ltd is a multi-disciplinary consulting firm providing services in urban and regional planning, economic development, GIS data base development, landscape architecture and project management. Established in 1969, Lombard North Group have offered clients with innovative planning, design, and implementation solutions on a variety of projects throughout Canada and internationally. We at Lombard North Group pride ourselves as problem solvers and believe in building strong relationships with our clients. By understanding and committing to client needs, we are able to create solutions that are compliant with their financial and development requirements. Success is measured by how much we are able to exceed our clients’ goals and expectations. Active involvement and attention ...

McGowan Russell Group

McGowan Russell Group Inc. established in 1988, is a fully integrated consulting firm offering professional services within the fields of Urban Design, Open Space and Park Development, and Community Consultation. We are committed to environmental sustainability through sound planning, innovative, yet practical design, and respect for client objectives. We understand the economic realities of today’s marketplace and have a track record of delivering projects on time and in budget. The approach of McGowan Russell Group is an inclusive process whether it be for a small suburban park, an urban plaza or streetscape, a comprehensive community plan, or a large scale commercial development. The key to MRG’s success lies in our willingness to listen to others, our ability to encapsulate the goals, objectives, and aspirations of the client into the creative process and design of responsive concepts pushing the boundaries of design excellence. In addition to providing the highest quality product possible, the cornerstone of McGowan Russell Group’s success is attention to detail from project inception to completion. As a demonstration of this commitment, a highly experienced and professional team has been assembled, with each individual bringing to the Group the necessary skills, experience and integrity required to effectively deal with ...

Nadi Group

In 1969, Donald C. Westphal established a small land planning and landscape architecture firm out of his Rochester, MI, home. His passion for manufactured home community design soon became the flagship of his business, providing a level of service rarely seen in the industry. His firm soon grew into eight full-time employees, becoming one of the United States’ foremost authorities on manufactured home community design. Simultaneously, the firm also expanded its services to include single-family subdivisions, RV park design, high-end recreational facilities, commercial developments and resorts. In 2010, Emeka Nnadi envisioned a boutique consulting firm that tackled global environmental issues, countering with smart, scalable and relevant projects. He believed that incorporating innovative, resilient and sustainable techniques into clients’ projects would help reduce our carbon footprint and the long-term effects of climate change — one of the defining issue of our time. What began as a sole proprietorship evolved into a collaborative and interdisciplinary team of talented landscape architects, architectural/urban designers, planners and technical staff. In 2019, These two firms came together as Nadi Group: Donald Westphal seeking the perfect complement to transition his extensive land planning legacy to, and Emeka Nnadi seeking a kindred  practice that would help extend innovation ...

Public City Architecture

PUBLIC CITY ARCHITECTURE INC. is the newly amalgamated practice of Peter Sampson Architecture Studio and Plain Projects Landscape Architecture. It is a collaborative studio committed to the design and experience of the public realm and its diverse social infrastructure assets. PUBLIC CITY pursues design that makes place experiential, makes place the foundation of shared social experiences, and makes place the conduit between individual and community.


About Us Scatliff+Miller+Murray is a diversified consulting firm providing services in urban design & planning, housing development, commercial and institutional development, waterfront development, community and school planning, park planning and design, bridge architecture, golf course architecture and 3D simulation at an international level. The principals and staff of Scatliff+Miller+Murray Inc. have been involved in many significant assignments throughout Canada, the United States, Bermuda, and China. Throughout the firm’s history there has been an on-going commitment to excellence in design, planning, and project management and a strong belief in client integration throughout the planning / design process. The firm has led the profession in 3D modeling and pre-construction visualization and continues to excel in the delivery of unique team-based solutions. As a result, SMM have received numerous awards and recognition from a diverse client base, including: the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects Design Awards, the International Downtown Association, and the Top Honor Award at the Excellence on The Waterfront International Design Competition, presented in Washington D.C. Recently, the firm, along with KGS Group, received the Consulting Engineers of Manitoba award for Design Excellence for Waterfront Drive. The firm’s most prestigious award is the People’s Republic of China highest award, the Planning ...

Sitework Landscape Architecture

Sitework Landscape Architecture is a landscape design practice based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Established in 2020, we strive to add richness to public and private spaces through meaningful, multi-layered design solutions with an awareness of environmental responsibility. We welcome a collaborative working relationship to create spaces that are crafted to the needs of the client and site. Services: – Landscape architecture – Site planning – Urban design and streetscapes – 3D visualization – Graphic design – Project management – By-law reviews and plan approvals

Thevenot Design Associates Ltd.

Our office opened in 1994 in Swan River, MB. We work on multi-disciplinary projects as lead Architect/Designer or as a sub-consultant for other firms. Having a background in both Interior Design and Landscape Architecture, we are sensitive to natural and built environments through both interior and exterior design. Working in both rural and urban environments, we have a wide variety of project diversity and experience. Scope of work includes Commercial and Residential Design Projects in the following areas: Community and Recreation, Multi-unit Residential, Health Care, Office Planning, Retail, Furniture Design, Farmyard Planning, Day Care and School Outdoor Play Spaces, Barrier-free Interior/Exterior Design, General Consulting, Riverfront Property & Landscape Development, RTM Residential, Renovation, and New Construction plans. Services Professional Landscape Architecture & Professional Interior Design Services Commercial and Residential Design We achieved the LEED Green Associates designation and continue to be committed to principles of sustainable architecture. We have also achieved NCIDQ Certification, the highest standard for Professionals in Interior Design. BRING YOUR VISION INTO REALITY.