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Roxane Gratton

McGowan Russell Group Inc. established in 1988, is a fully integrated consulting firm offering professional services within the fields of Urban Design, Open Space and Park Development, and Community Consultation. We are committed to environmental sustainability through sound planning, innovative, yet practical design, and respect for client objectives. We understand the economic realities of today’s marketplace and have a track record of delivering projects on time and in budget.

The approach of McGowan Russell Group is an inclusive process whether it be for a small suburban park, an urban plaza or streetscape, a comprehensive community plan, or a large scale commercial development. The key to MRG’s success lies in our willingness to listen to others, our ability to encapsulate the goals, objectives, and aspirations of the client into the creative process and design of responsive concepts pushing the boundaries of design excellence.

In addition to providing the highest quality product possible, the cornerstone of McGowan Russell Group’s success is attention to detail from project inception to completion. As a demonstration of this commitment, a highly experienced and professional team has been assembled, with each individual bringing to the Group the necessary skills, experience and integrity required to effectively deal with the complexities and sensitivities of each client, program or project.

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