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Mark Bauche

HTFC Planning & Design is an award-winning landscape architecture and planning collaborative, founded in 1969. Located in the heart of Winnipeg’s historic Exchange District, the firm is known for thoughtful, timeless and sustainable work in the landscapes of the North American Prairie, Northwestern Ontario Boreal Forest and Tundra regions. Looking beyond these regions, HTFC also collaborates with other professionals on projects across Canada, the U.S., South America and Africa.

At HTFC, 50 years of experience have created an office culture that believes the path to success lies in truly listening to our clients and addressing issues with a unique blend of art and science.

A commitment to:

  • Listen and learn
    conduct thorough research, analysis and consultation, advancing the right solution even when consensus is difficult to achieve
  • Uncover the culture of the place
    identify and understand the intricate connections between the physical context and the diverse people who inhabit each place
  • Connect to people and build consensus
    proactively and openly involve the community, collaborate with stakeholders, and celebrate diversity
  • Empower the client with effective solutions
    create designs that are responsive, flexible and lasting
  • Gain from new experiences
    monitor, evaluate, and improve craftsmanship and quality with every new project

…exists at the heart of each of our projects.

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500-115 Bannatyne Avenue East
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3B 0R3 

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