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What is the process for applying as an Associate of the Manitoba Association of Landscape Architects?

Upon completion of the Application for Admission [as Associate], please have it endorsed by two MALA members and return it to the MALA office, together with the required application fee. The following documents should be included in support of the application:

  • evidence of education in a recognized program in landscape architecture (copies of degrees, diplomas, certificates, and other credentials, if available);
  • a copy of the applicant’s résumé or curriculum vitae, if available.

If you are an accredited Associate of any association or institute similarly constituted to this Association, you may provide satisfactory proof of membership in lieu of signatures of endorsement on the application (typically a letter from the association or institute, confirming Associate status in good standing).

After this material has been reviewed by the Examining Board and MALA Council, the candidate will be notified with a formal decision.

Please download and refer to the following documents:
MALA Application for Admission [as Associate]
MALA Code of Conduct
MALA By-laws
MALA Policy [Experience Record Book Requirements]
MALA Policy [Professional Advisor]
MALA Information [LARE Examination Requirement]

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